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Micro Reef - 32OZ Cube

Micro Reef - 32OZ Cube


Guess Who's Back?

Reintroducing the Micro Reef- 32OZ cube

Back in a limited run, the Micro Reef - 32oz Cube is better than ever! Now, with new features to make this the best Micro Reef yet!

New features:

•5-Watt 22k spectrum flexible mount light, which is capable of over 130+ PAR in your Reef. Or 10k spectrum freshwater light specialized for plant growth.

•Black drain and return nozzle to reduce algae growth. Improves flow throughout display.

• Improved display and sump lids to deter salt creep and cut down evaporation.

The Micro Cube is a perfect mini of your larger or dream Home Reef tank, and it fights right on your Desktop!

At an affordable price, anybody can keep a slice of the Reef on their desk or counterspace.

Included with the Micro Cube comes an array of supplies to set up and maintain the system.

•Micro Filter kit containing 1-Month supply of mechanical filtration floss, Chemipure Blue Nano 1-month supply chemical filtration.

•Live-Sand rich in natural calcium carbonate and essential trace elements, LiveSand promotes healthy coral growth and enhances water biological stability.

•Specialized cleaning kit including engraved card to scrape any calcarious algae, long stem Cotton swabs to remove film from display and clear any blockage in drain pipes.

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