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How To Become Part of The Aquarium Community

Updated: Jan 5

If you have your own tank - congratulations! You are already part of the aquarium community. Regardless of tank size, saltwater or freshwater, or livestock type; having a tank means you are participating in the worldwide hobby that now has over 2 million participants.

This guide explores the various ways in which you can become even more involved in the aquarium community, share experiences, and foster connections with fellow hobbyists who share your passion.

a man standing in front of a small aquarium at a tradeshow

Support and Shop Local

Look around for local aquarium clubs, stores, and/or societies in your area. You can find these establishments by doing a quick Google search, or by joining local aquarium groups on Facebook. The local clubs often organize regular meetings, events, and auctions where you can meet experienced hobbyists, exchange ideas, and even acquire new additions for your aquarium. Local clubs and stores provide a sense of camaraderie and the opportunity to connect with enthusiasts who share a geographical proximity.

Explore Online Forums

Online forums and communities such as those found on Reef2Reef or Facebook are great places to share your experiences, seek advice, or just learn from the collective wisdom of the community. There are various groups that cater to a diverse range of interests and experience levels for both saltwater and freshwater-focused hobbyists.

Attend Aquarium Shows and Expos

Aquarium shows and expos are excellent opportunities to really immerse yourself in the broader aquarium community. These gatherings often feature exhibitions, workshops, and vendor stalls showcasing the latest products and innovations in the hobby. Attendees can engage with experts, discover new trends, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Visit our Events page to find the aquarium shows and expos that are happening in your area. The list is updated yearly, so it contains the most accurate and up-to-date information with links so that you can purchase tickets. If you don't see a show in your immediate area, keep checking back every year because locations are constantly changing.

Share Your Journey on Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are excellent tools for sharing your journey. Create an account dedicated to your own aquariums, share photos, videos, and insights, and connect with fellow hobbyists. Building an online presence allows you to contribute to the broader community while also gaining inspiration from others.

If you have a PNW Custom tank, you can tag PNW Custom on Instagram and your tank will be shared across social media platforms. This is a great way to inspire other hobbyists and also establish a following on your own channel.

Support and Encourage New Hobbyists

In the aquarium hobby, there is nothing more important than the gift of knowledge. Even as you become more advanced, it is important to support and encourage newcomers. Offer guidance, share resources, and celebrate their successes. Cultivating a welcoming and supportive environment ensures the continued growth of the community.

Becoming involved in the aquarium community is a rewarding aspect of the hobby that goes beyond the confines of your own tank. Whether online or in person, the connections you create with fellow enthusiasts can enhance your knowledge, spark inspiration, and create lasting friendships. Embrace the opportunity to dive into this amazing world of aquarium keeping.

a man performing maintenance on his small aquarium at a tradeshow

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