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The Science Behind PNW Custom Magnets

A high quality, reef-safe magnet is essential to the health of your aquarium. PNW Custom magnets are designed to be reliable, strong, and fully encased so that you never have to worry about contaminants or malfunction.

What Makes PNW Custom Magnets Reef-Safe?

All PNW Custom magnets are neodymium epoxy-coated and fully encased in acrylic for a second layer of protection. We know how important it is to protect your reef from corrosion and contaminants. This state-of-the-art design ensures that the magnets are sufficiently coated and will not be exposed to water.

What Is The Difference Between a Standard Magnet and a 3X Magnet?

PNW Custom magnets are available in two different types: Standard (STD) and 3X (Extra Strong). The difference in these types is the strength. A Standard magnet is an appropriate choice for aquariums with under 1/2" glass/acrylic walls. If you have an even thicker aquarium, under 3/4", then you will need a 3X magnet.

A magnet with adequate strength means that it will securely grip to the side of your aquarium, and won't slide or slip during movement or adjustment.

Why Is It Important to Protect Your Aquarium From Corrosive Magnets?

Corrosion is often associated with the decomposition of metal, and if metal components in your aquarium corrode, it can release harmful substances into the water. These substances can negatively impact the health of your fish, invertebrates, and other aquarium inhabitants. Contaminants can lead to poisoning, stress, or even fatalities among your aquatic life.

It is important to be selective and scrutinize every piece of equipment or hardware that interacts with your aquarium water. Regular maintenance and inspection will ensure that your aquarium inhabitants are safe and healthy.

How Do I Handle PNW Custom Magnets Safely?

PNW Custom magnets are carefully crafted to be safe for use in your aquarium and they are also extremely strong. Special precautions must be taken to prevent personal injury, property damage, and magnet damage.

  • Always handle magnets with EXTREME care. It is both safer and easier to slide magnets apart, rather than pull them.

  • DO NOT allow children to handle neodymium magnets as they pose a risk of choking or injury. Keep magnets away from pets.

  • Individuals with magnetic medical devices such as pacemakers should avoid contact with magnets, especially when near the device.

How Do I Take Care of My PNW Custom Magnets?

There are a few proactive steps you can take to ensure your magnets remain safe and continue to function properly.

  • Check each magnet periodically for ANY signs of unusual wear or damage, such as chipping or scratching. This is especially crucial if magnets have ever been dropped onto the floor or another surface.

  • Clean your magnet periodically with a sanitized unused towel.

If you have any questions about your PNW Custom magnets, reach out to us and we can help.



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