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24in Show Frag Tank | TidePool Series

24in Show Frag Tank | TidePool Series

$300.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price

Now introducing the PNW Custom TidePool Aquarium Series. These tanks offer amazing top down views as they are intended to be used for frag swaps, grow out systems, propigation holding tanks, and more.  

Made from high quality 3/8in acrylic, these tanks feature amazing rounded front pannel seams to give a seamless look, polished edges all around to remain hand friendly, internal center all-in-one overflow with media basket, adjustable direction nozzle to allow for flow throughout the tank without distrupting the water surface, and room on the sides of the filtration for you to use our Shroom/ anemone boxes as well as frag stands in the front. The 24 x 12in tank can hold up to 2 of our frag stands for up to 160 frags, 80 on each stand . The 24 x 16in tank can hold up to 3 of our frag stands for up to 240 frags, 80 on each stand. This is the perfect size to bring to the frag show and is very lightweight for travel. Each Tank weighs less than 15 pounds with frag stands and mushroom boxes.


24 x 12 x 7.5in: 10 Pounds, 

or 24 x 16 x 7.5in: 12 Pounds


Comes with media basket, return nozzle, and tubing to connect to the pump. Sicce Micra Plus Pump or ~100-160gph is the recommended size for these aquariums

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