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Benepellets 1.7mm *Offical Food of PNW Custom Desktop Aquariums*

Benepellets 1.7mm *Offical Food of PNW Custom Desktop Aquariums*


Now, introducing the official food of the PNW Custom Micro Reef and Desktop Aquarium series! Benepellets 1.7mm LPS pellets are the perfect size for our small aquariums. We have to be extremely mindful about what we put into our small ecosystems, so we've teamed up with Benepets Foods to be able to offer the perfect solution for Micro Feeding. This food is perfect for corals, fish, invertebrates, and to continually feed your nitrifying bacteria.

Nutrient rich, supplemental food features a unique formulation containing a proprietary probiotic blend such as but not limited to live Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces, and Bacillus species. Benereef will not overload your system with waste because the uptake percentage and absorption capacity of everything in your tank is increased. It feeds the nitrifying bacteria without clouding up your tank.

Benereef helps establish a healthy bioload and can help avoid “new tank” syndrome. The particle size is 3-3000 microns, so even the tiniest mouths can feed on it. The quality and percentage of proteins in Benereef play another major role in this process. The absorption capacity of the entire reef ecosystem is greatly enhanced. It’s engineered so that everything in the tank consumes, feeds, and utilizes it. Benereef will adapt to any tank system. It’s the most forgiving reef food on the market. You’ll notice immediate feeding response and amazing polyp extension. Your SPS, LPS, softies, fish, and inverts will all flourish, color, and grow like never before. You’ll notice overall healthy, happy, and plump corals after feedings, and after about three weeks of continuous use, see an increase in coral growth and coloration.

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