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"LiveRock" Scape MICRO + SMALL-IN-ONE

"LiveRock" Scape MICRO + SMALL-IN-ONE


Cycled "Live Rock" scapes are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind scapes made from meticulously selected Marco rock for our micro tanks and Small-In-One desktop aquariums.Our scapes are not just visually stunning; they've undergone a month-long cycling journey in a sterile environment, utilizing the power of Fritz RPM salt, TurboStart, and Fritzyme9 to establish a robust nitrogen cycle.

Each piece is a work of art and science designed to bring the beauty of a thriving marine ecosystem to your home. The nitrogen cycle, a fundamental process in saltwater tanks, is kickstarted during this meticulous cycling period. Ammonia is converted to nitrite and then to nitrate by beneficial bacteria, creating a balanced and healthy aquatic environment.

Shipped in wet paper with freshly mixed saltwater, our scapes arrive ready for immediate placement in your aquarium. This ensures the most beneficial bacteria colonization, setting the stage for a flourishing, low-maintenance micro reef tank.

Immerse yourself in the PNW Custom experience, where we help you to create the most successful desktop aquarium experience.

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