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Frag Pack-N-Go Transport Kit

Frag Pack-N-Go Transport Kit


The Frag Pack-N-Go Transport Kit is the ideal solution for transporting frags whether you're visiting a store, swap, or show. The Kit holds up to 366 Frag Plugs and is perfectly spaced for 3/4in Frag Plugs. Each stand is lined with silicone Frag Lockers to keep your frags in place - no risk of moving or falling during transport. 11.5 x 7.5in racks


Each stand is raised up by 1 inch. This keeps them low in the tank for frag swaps and maximizes space. Stands can be raised easily by using additional 1/2in acrylic legs (Sold Separately).


Included Features:

3pcs 122 hole frag stands with silicone lockers.

Frag stand holder to keep stands in place from sliding up,down, and around during transport.

3 Gallon Watertight container with sealing lid. 10 latching points on container. These containers feature a stackable design, holding eachother in place.

Custom Engraving on frag stands or stand holder.

Gridded numbers and letters for organization

Color bottom or top layers to attract attention, or increase reflection of PAR. Color choices of Black,White/Green, Orange/Pink, Clear, and more.

Additional Frag stands available to stack more frags in your box.

Larger frag hole distance available for those who love big frags.


**Please keep container upright during transport to keep pressure from lid to ensure no latches are opened during transportation. Optional to line latches with Scotch tape after filling to keep latches secured in place.**

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