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Large Frag Rack - 44 Plugs

Large Frag Rack - 44 Plugs


Large Frag Rack

Holds up to 44 Frags

With optional frag locking material to hold frags in place

3 magnets for optimal support throughout the whole rack.


  • Dimensions: 11in x 4in

STD Magnet strength for up to 1/2in thickness
3x Thick Magnet strength for up to 3/4in thickness


Optional: Frag Locker 

The PNW Custom Frag Locker holds your plugs tightly in place to keep your frags safe against currents, clean up crew, and other tank inhabitants.

  • Shipping Policy

    We have a processing time of 3-10 business days on all of our products, except for tanks which have a creation time of 2-3 weeks. All of our items are handmade and of the highest quality.

    Please allow for extended shipping times during holidays.

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