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Live Sand - Micro Tank and Small-In-One

Live Sand - Micro Tank and Small-In-One


Introducing our premium LiveSand, expertly portioned for micro tanks and small-in-one setups, designed to elevate your reef tank experience. Our LiveSand is meticulously sourced and prepared to provide the perfect substrate for your delicate aquatic ecosystem.

Each grain of LiveSand is teeming with beneficial microorganisms essential for establishing and maintaining a thriving reef. Rich in natural calcium carbonate and essential trace elements, LiveSand promotes healthy coral growth and enhances water chemistry stability. LiveSand fosters the growth of beneficial bacteria, aiding in the breakdown of organic waste and contributing to superior biological filtration. Its fine texture and natural coloration create a visually stunning substrate that complements the beauty of your reef inhabitants. Pre-portioned for micro tanks and small-in-one setups, our LiveSand is conveniently packaged for hassle-free application, saving you time and effort during tank setup. By mimicking the natural habitat of coral reefs, LiveSand provides an ideal foundation for coral attachment and growth, promoting overall coral health and vitality. LiveSand encourages the establishment of diverse microfauna populations, creating a more dynamic and balanced ecosystem within your reef tank.

**Available Sizes:**

- Micro Tank Portion: Perfectly portioned for our micro reef tanks

- Small-in-One Portion: Ideal for small-in-one aquarium systems and Desktop Aquariums.

Elevate your reef tank to new heights with our premium LiveSand. Experience the difference in water clarity, coral health, and overall vitality with our carefully curated substrate solution. Create a thriving underwater world with LiveSand today!

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