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Micro Reef-Ready Tank | 40oz Desktop Aquarium

Micro Reef-Ready Tank | 40oz Desktop Aquarium

$169.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price


Display Tank


Fully Functional 3-Compartment Sump Filtration

Dual Drain Return

3W 50GPH Adjustable Return Pump

Polycarbonate Display Lid

5W Switchable LED with Adjustable Mounting & Light Intensity

Water Level Height Indicator


Accessory Box:

Cleaning Tool

USB Power Block

Micro USB Cable

Chemi-Pure chemical Filtration

New features:

•5-Watt 22k spectrum flexible mount light, which is capable of over 130+ PAR in your Reef. Or 10k spectrum freshwater light specialized for plant growth.

•Black drain and return nozzle to reduce algae growth. Improves flow throughout display.

• Improved display and sump lids to deter salt creep and cut down evaporation.

The Micro Reef is a perfect mini of your larger or dream Home Reef tank, and it fights right on your Desktop!

At an affordable price, anybody can keep a slice of the Reef on their desk or counterspace.

Included with the Micro Reef comes necessary supplies to set up and maintain the system.

•Micro Filter kit containing 1 Chemipure Blue Nano 1-month supply chemical filtration.

•Specialized cleaning kit including engraved card to scrape any calcarious algae, long stem Cotton swabs to remove film from display and clear any blockage in drain pipes.

  • Terms & Conditions

    By purchasing this product, you agree that PNW Custom is not liable for any damages resulting from use. All returned items are subject to up to 20% restocking fees. In the case of the item deemed to be unsellable due to user error or damages, PNW Custom will refund up to 60% of item value. All Pre-Orders are final sales. Any cancellation prior to shipment will incur a 10% restocking fee.

  • Warranty

    PNW Custom offers a 90 day 100% warranty on any equipment failures, manufacturer defects, and/or shipping damages. PNW Custom will provide a return label in the case of replacing equipment or parts. All warranties will be handled on a case by case basis, and are subject to void in the instance of misuse or damage from user error. All warranties will be void in the case of any non-approved accessories or modifications to the product.

  • Shipping Policy

    There is an approximately 2-3 week lead time for Micro Reef Ready Tank orders. Each tank is created by hand and tested thouroughly for quality. Please contact us for shipping estimates or expedited orders.

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