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Moonstruck | Aquatic Earring Collection

Moonstruck | Aquatic Earring Collection


We’re excited to partner with Moonstruck Designs PDX, an amazing local business here in Portland - to debut this aquatic earring collection!


Moonstruck Designs PDX strives to inspire self-discovery through their collection of iridescent and reflective jewelry. Crafted with precision, all jewelry is laser-cut and assembled in their Portland, OR studio. Their designs draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, evoke retro nostalgia, and delve into the realms of mysticism.


USA-made earrings! Made of fluorescent, reflective, and/or clear acrylic, with sterling silver ear hooks.


Earring Care: Acrylic is extremely lightweight and durable, but can get scratched. To avoid this, please handle your earrings with care! Avoid contact with hairspray, perfume, sweat, and water, wipe clean and store away from direct sunlight. To clean the earrings, wipe with a soft cloth, such as a microfiber material.

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