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Glass Small-In-One | 1 Gallon Desktop Aquarium

Glass Small-In-One | 1 Gallon Desktop Aquarium


Introducing the NEW GLASS Small-In-One! This 1 Gallon Desktop Aquarium is the perfect companion for your home or office - available for Saltwater or Freshwater! Tailored towards beginners and experts alike, the PNW Custom Glass Small-In-One does not disappoint. The Small-In-One is made with high-quality 4mm Glass, which means it's easier than ever to clean. Each aquarium is equipped with evaporation cover, newly designed light including flexible mounting bracket, water level indicator, and 50GPH adjustable output return pump with a directional flow nozzle. This tank is designed with longevity in mind. Experience the magic of a desktop Oasis for yourself!



8in x 6in x 6in



4mm Glass Display Tank

Filtration Compartment

3-Stage Media Basket

Water Level Indicator

Self-Leveling Foam mat



5W LED Light

New Light with Flexible Mounting Bracket

50GPH Adjustable Output Return Pump with a Directional Flow Nozzle

Polycarbonate Display Lid

  • Terms & Conditions

    By purchasing this product, you agree that PNW Custom is not liable for any damages resulting from use. All returned items are subject to up to 20% restocking fees. In the case of the item deemed to be unsellable due to user error or damages, PNW Custom will refund up to 60% of item value. All Pre-Orders are final sales. Any cancelation prior to shipment will incur a 10% restocking fee.

  • Warranty

    PNW Custom offers a 90 day 100% warranty on any equipment failures, manufacturer defects, and/or shipping damages. PNW Custom will provide a return label in the case of replacing equipment or parts. All warranties will be handled on a case by case basis, and are subject to void in the instance of misuse or damage from user error. All warranties will be void in the case of any non-approved accessories or modifications to the product.

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