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Slimline Small Frag Rack [4 + 8 Hole]

Slimline Small Frag Rack [4 + 8 Hole]



  • 6in x 2in OR 1.25in



  • 2 Swappable Rack Options, 4 Hole or 8 Hole
  • Thumbscrews
  • Strong Magnet Bar


The Slimline Small Frag Rack [4 + 8 Hole] is a great set up for any size tank. You can easily convert this rack into a 4 or 8 hole setup by using the included thumbscrews and magnet bar. (Also available with 2 magnet bars!)


This sleek dimensional size fits in just about any aquarium and holds your choice of either 4 or 8 frag plugs. The thin size provides ample room for your frags while keeping shading at a minimum.


Available now in Black, Green, Pink, and Orange with standard magnets for aquariums up to 1/2in thick, or 3X for aquariums up to 3/4in thick. 

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